Tankmen Memories

2010-07-26 01:09:12 by DisobeyMe

Tis my recent flash, go watch it if you haven't you might like it! :)

Tankmen Memories


2010-07-10 20:41:19 by DisobeyMe

I made a stupid little animation for it, so far it's got around a 3.00. so a bit worse than my other video, hopefully my next one will be great, anyway Happy Robot Day!

Mortal Kombat Theme(Ext.)

2010-07-07 11:28:20 by DisobeyMe

My first flash to get to the green text. :) Personally I didn't think it was TOO good, but it's got a current score of 3.35. Thanks for rating and look for more videos. :)

My first submissions :3

2010-02-27 16:02:26 by DisobeyMe

My first submissions were a success! They haven't been blammed. BUT, they really suck, lawl. I'm trying to make my submissions better, maybe they'll get more professional later on. D:

DisobeyMe on Newgrounds!

2010-02-20 16:46:40 by DisobeyMe

Hey, I'm extremely excited to be on Newgrounds, I started animating not too long ago. I am amateur, yes, but I think that I have potential and I would love for everyone to know my name out there. :)
I'm Ryan, 13 years old, and hopefully I'll be better on this site sometime in the future.

DisobeyMe on Newgrounds!